Our Africa

The origin of the name of Africa remains in dispute. The threefold conclusion to which Cheikh Anta Diop’s findings lead in his work “Nations nègres et culture” is that the name is probably not of african origin, that it was not conceived for the entire geographical area designated as such today, and that there is above all no agreement on its origin.  

Africa today represents a plural reality and concept. 

For PLACE for Africa, the term Africa does not only refer to a circumscribed geographical region. It refers not only to a cultural and geographical plurality but also to a political positioning.

Our re-appropriated Africa is not a reality fixed around foreign perceptions and various colonial forces. 

As the cradle of humanity, our Africa is the inspiring source for all its sons and daughters, the source of human dignity. 

Because it is plural, our Africa lives in each of its sons and daughters wherever they are on this planet. 

Because it is young and dynamic, our Africa is resolutely turned towards the future, which it wants to build by its own means. 

Our Africa is self-determined.