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The Foundation of PLACE for Africa


PLACE for Africa was created in September 2019 with the objective of networking various initiatives of the African diaspora and the continent around the themes of development, socio-political transformation and building the future of Africa. PLACE (Political Laboratory of African Communities in Europe) is understood as a platform that participates in the political education of its audience through the valorization of African perspectives and expertise.


In 2020, PLACE critically addressed issues of global interdependence and sustainable development in the context of the 60th anniversary of independence of many African countries. Due to an international triangular cooperation between Germany, Benin and Cameroon, the platform will evolve in 2021 and now cover all areas of work of PLACE for Africa. With the aim of generating a new narrative about Africa, the initial focus will be on innovative initiatives and ideas in response to current challenges.


Discover PLACE


Political Laboratory of African Communities in Europe


PLACE for Africa is a digital platform for pan-African networking, education and critical analysis of the issues and challenges of sustainable development in Africa. PLACE was initiated by the German NGO MeineWelt e.V. as part of the collaboration between Africa and the diaspora in Europe. The goal is to accelerate Africa’s path to self-determination with the help of digital technology. To achieve this, we want to:


  • Write new African narratives by Africans for Africans and the world
  • Give the continent a prominent place in debates about its sustainable development and the future of the world
  • Redefine the vision for Africa
  • Overcome stereotypes about Africa and Africans.


In short, PLACE for Africa aims to create a new way of thinking and writing about Africa in the long term by deconstructing the representation of Africa.




To contribute to the solution of political, economic and social challenges through the emergence of a reference center dedicated to reflection, networking, political education and the promotion of African perspectives.


The Goals of PLACE:


Creating a digital platform for youth networking and education based on African perspectives.


Our approach




We want to adress our social reality in light of global interdependencies, take an open look at our continent and have the courage to recognize, celebrate and nurture who we are. We want to better understand the concerns of the new generations in Africa and in the Diaspora in order to contribute to the African Renaissance.




The challenge is to reconstruct a new history of Africa, freed from the racial biases of the slave trade and colonization, and to promote African perspectives. To address this, we invest in the production of specialized works that formulate proposals and innovative recommendations for political and socioeconomic actors* and public opinion. Through our activities, we stimulate intellectual and civic debates on various issues relevant to building an entrepreneurial Africa, always arriving at concrete conclusions and proposals.




We want all African citizens* to become agents of change in the new Africa. We want to discover and present Africa in action. The idea is to give the African being the possibility to (re)discover references and to recognize its own powers to express its potential.